If you’ve ever loaded up a Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator for a road trip, off-road trail ride, or overlanding adventure, you know that space can get tight quickly.

So having plenty of spots to put stuff comes in pretty handy.

That’s why we’re a fan of XG Cargo. It has an entire lineup of smart, space-saving cargo solutions for the Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator that can solve a lot of frustration. Here are just a few of our favorites:

Here’s a look at the XG Cargo Sportsman Cargo Divider Storage Wall. (Image/Summit Racing)

XG Cargo Sportsman Cargo Divider Storage Walls

Not only do XG Cargo’s Sportsman Divider Walls have storage bags, they also feature integrated Molle mounts for customizable cargo-carrying capability. There’s even a built-in pet divider to ensure Princess Schmoopy stays where she’s supposed to. And they install right to OE mounting points, so you don’t have to modify your Jeep’s interior.


Take advantage of some unused space. (Image/Summit Racing)

XG Cargo Gama Sportsbar Storage Bags

Thanks to the Wrangler JK/JL’s sport bar design, there’s some precious unused space at the back of your Jeep. XG Cargo puts that area to work with its Gama storage bags. They’re a handy way to stow small essential gear, like first-aid kits, tow straps, shackles, and tools. Gama Sportsbar bags will fit both soft top and hard top Jeeps.


A smart way to keep trash contained. (Image/Summit Racing)

XG Cargo Kleen Kans

Put simply, Kleen Kans are basically just open-top storage bins. That means you can toss in some sunscreen, your phone, or a few trail snacks and be on your way. But since the bins are easily removable, we think they’re far more useful as small trash containers. (If you’ve ever been knee-deep in candy bar wrappers and soda cans after a road trip, you’ll probably agree.)


That’s just the start. You can see all of XG Cargo’s storage solutions here.

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