Published in December of 2021, Ford’s recent patent for a unique “air venting system” has raised our eyebrows. And the reason is simple: it looks like this is a potential climate control setup for a truck bed.


In the patent document, you can see a vent (numbered 62 here) used in this interesting setup. (Image/U.S. Patent Office – Ford)

While its language is pretty technical, the patent document describes a clever ventilation system seemingly designed for moving air from the passenger compartment into the cargo box.

Again, though…why?

Well, here are a couple of (wild!) guesses:

  • Maybe it’s to help delivery companies transport temperature-sensitive cargo, like flowers, lasagna, or live trout?
  • Maybe the Blue Oval has noticed the uptick in Overlanding’s popularity?
  • Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a stepping stone for a battery cooling system and further electric integration?
Ford recently had to close its Maverick pre-order sales window due to overwhelming demand for the nascent truck. (Image/Ford)

Ok, so those are just some wacky theories—but perhaps what’s really curious is that this setup seems destined (at least partially) for the Maverick, Ford’s new compact pickup truck.

We say that because the patent illustrations sort of mimic the Maverick bed silhouette and there are statements in the document that say things like “the truck can be a unibody truck.”

Given that the Maverick is Ford’s sole unibody truck, it’s kind of an obvious call.

And Ford’s made plenty of hubub about the Maverick’s fancy new FLEXBED system too, highlighting features like its multi-position tailgate, anchor points, and electrical power outlets.

Maybe cooling is the next frontier?

The Maverick’s FLEXBED has plenty of nifty features, like storage cubbies and power outlets. Maybe air conditioning is next? (Image/Ford)

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