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When compared to traditional dry chemical fire extinguishers, the folks at Element might have built a better mousetrap. That’s because instead of releasing a solid powder to combat a blaze, an Element Fire Extinguisher releases a gas that will actually attack the fire on a molecular level. We’ll forego a scientific dissertation on how that magic happens, but you can read a detailed PDF that’ll explain how an Element fire extinguisher works right here.

Practically tailor made for use in a street car or truck, off-roader, or race car. (Image/Element Fire Extinguishers)

That means an Element fire extinguisher is much, much smaller than the traditional ones you’re used to seeing. Better yet, they’ll discharge at a much longer rate too.

If that’s not good enough, an Element fire extinguisher contains no moving parts and is not as susceptible to vibration and temperature extremes than an ordinary fire extinguisher. The gas it releases is safe to breathe and there’s much less residue leftover after discharge—and what is left behind is non-corrosive, non-toxic, and environmentally safe.

Element fire extinguishers have a much longer shelf life, which means you don’t have to continually recharge them, like you would a regular fire extinguisher.

Perhaps most important of all, an Element fire extinguisher will combat a huge range of fire types, including fires fueled by fabric, wood, gasoline, propane, plastic, electrical components, cooking grease, and oils.

Small and mighty, an Element fire extinguisher can be a critical safety precaution. (Image/Element Fire Extinguishers)

And all of those qualities make an Element fire extinguisher the perfect choice for stuffing in your vehicle’s glove compartment or under the seat. The Element folks even include a handy clip that’ll let you secure it to a flat surface. Wherever you put yours, it’s cheap insurance against a catastrophic vehicle fire.

There are two good choices for automotive use too:

Want to see an Element fire extinguisher in action? While there are plenty of videos on Element’s YouTube Channel we thought you’d appreciate this demonstration of an Element fire extinguisher suppressing a vehicle fire:

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