Some body panels for my 1972 Nova.” – Leonardo A. (Image/Facebook)

Sway bars and bushings and bumpstops on Konis…
New wheels and tires so I can do doughnies…
New plugs and wires and maintenance things

These are a few of my favorite things.

Grant M.

Well, today is Christmas Eve. Santa is almost done with his customary redundant list review, and we’re one day away from finding out which side of the naughty/nice leger you fell on this year. While we were preparing for the big day, the folks at Summit Racing asked the following question on their Facebook and Instagram social media:

What’s On Your Gearhead Holiday Wishlist for 2021?

But judging from the scope and scale of your reader contributions, Santa may want to do a third check of that aforementioned list, just to make sure you earned it.

Take a look at some of our favorite responses below and feel free to add any more in the comments section at the bottom of this article—better do it quick though, because the Elves are fueling up the reindeer right about now.


  • “8-71 from the blower shop.” – Matthew L.
  • LS3 crate motor.” – Garrit W.
  • “An abrasive blast cabinet.” – Kem B.
  • “4,200 stall so I can be in the 10s.” – Mike H.
  • “632 twin-turbo Rat motor.” – Mike S. [Hope you were pretty darn nice this year! – ED.]
  • “A whole bunch of parts for an LS build.” – Derek E.
Matthew T. had a laundry list of some really good stuff, like an EFI kit, a wiring harness, and new fuel tank for his awesome 1972 Ford F-100. (Image/Facebook)
  • “My new garage finished so I can finish my car.” – Jessica A.
  • “A 383 Stroker.” – Miguel C.
  • Hellcat Redeye” – Keen B.
  • “Info on the 2022 Hot Rod Power Tour!” – John B. [Haven’t heard anything yet either. – ED.]
  • Weiand 7029-35 Replacement Supercharger Pulley.” – Mikael W.
  • Headers for a 1968 428 Super Cobra Jet in a 1966 Ford F-100.” – Marvin J.
“Holley Sniper – Thomas N. (Image/Facebook)
  • “Just to get a chance to drive my truck around with my brother.” – Justin B.
  • Trailer tires.” – Steven L.
  • “A new 3.6L V6 for my 2004 Cadillac CTS.” – Jake S.
  • “A nitrous kit, and crate 351 for my 1965 Mustang.” Robert R.
  • “Finish my truck, LOL!” – Ray T.
  • Vintage Air kit.” – Mike B.
Painless Performance kit for this.” – Scott B.
  • “A set of wheels.” Larry G.
  • “Built 5.0 or 5.8 Ford Windsor motor.” Otto L.
  • 15 inch Moon hubcaps.” – Scott T.
  • “A first-gen 426 Hemi.” – Mike R.
  • AWR-TCET17722” – Morris P. [Always a good idea to give Santa the exact part number! – ED.]
  • “A 1969 Camaro.” – Douglas H.
Disc brake conversion for my 1949 Studebaker truck.” – Freddy M. (Image/Facebook)
  • 1969 Chevy Chevelle parts. Steve H.
  • “3,800 stall converter, radial slicks & a paint job.” – Jeanna F.
  • A BIG ZZ632 under the tree.” – Angel G.
  • “An exhaust for my hot rod.” – Chris B.
  • “A new oil cap.” – Rocky O.
  • “The new Summit Racing Equipment Catalog.” – Donald O. [Ho-Ho-Ho, that’s an easy one! – ED.]
“A new Dominator carburetor for this!” – Mike P. (Image/Facebook)


Here’s hoping that it all works out for you tomorrow morning. Dunno how Santa’s going to fit a Hellcat Redeye down the chimney though, so good luck on that one…

Merry Christmas OnAllCylinders Readers!