Don Garlits pilots Swamp Rat XI at the long-gone Bee Line Dragway sometime during the late 1960s. And thanks to this cool map, you can see exactly where Scottsdale, Arizona’s Bee Line Dragway used to be. (Image/Summit Racing)

Nostalgia often runs deep for drag racers. Whether it’s the historic Lions Drag Strip in California or any one of the dozens of small-town dragways across the country, many racers fondly recall their glory days of competition at these beloved tracks.

While many of these dragstrips have fallen prey to real estate developers, their locations live-on in the internet. And we’re not just talking about random forum threads and blog posts scattered here and there—at least one person has taken the time to “pin” their locations on a custom Google map.


Hundreds of green and red thumbtacks litter the United States, each one represents a track. (Image/Google)

The map is littered with push pins that denote these racetracks, and you can zoom-in for the name and precise location of each one.

It looks like this map was built from content collected from the “Lost and Forgotten Dragstrips” Facebook Group. And our hats are off to them. (Though Google adds a disclaimer that the data may not be updated and/or accurate.)

Gone, but not entirely forgotten. Many gearheads have fond memories of these famous tracks. (Image/Summit Racing)

Still though, it’s cool to pop around and realize how many drag strips once occupied the land that’s now often become a sprawling suburbia.

And if this sort of thing interests you, there are books out there that you’ll probably dig too.

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Author: Paul Sakalas

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