Houston Raceway Park Closing Down After 2022 NHRA National Event

(Image/Houston Raceway Park)

Officials from Houston Raceway Park just announced that next year’s Mopar Express Lane NHRA SpringNationals event in Houston, Texas will be the last for the 35-year old drag racing venue. Its new owners have plans to turn the dragstrip into an industrial business park.

“Our family is extremely proud to have showcased the top level of professional drag racing for 35 wonderful years. It’s been a dream come true to meet and work with all the incredible drivers, team owners and NHRA executives who come together each year to entertain the millions of racing fans in our area.”

Seth Angel, Houston Raceway Park Track Operator

For decades, racers have been drawn to Houston Raceway Park, where its climate, altitude, and weather often created ideal race track conditions.

The famous track is the site of several key moments in NHRA history, including its first sub five-second pass (4.99, Gene Snow, 1988).

…And of course, what Pro Stock fan could forget the infamous, nay, legendary staging standoff between Scott Geoffrion and Warren Johnson back in 1994.

The final event at Houston Raceway Park, the 35th annual Mopar Express Lane NHRA SpringNationals presented by Pennzoil, is currently scheduled for April 22-24, 2022.

You can read more about the track’s closure in the official release from Houston Raceway Park.

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  1. Leon Sierant Jr, says:

    How could you close the best dray strip in the State of Texas, where are races going to race there cars and bikes , now you are going to have more problems on the road with street racing and people are going to die because of this closure of this race track

  2. Ir’s money, simple as that. And in the future when you read about drag racing on the street there won’t be one mention about the closing of this facility as a possible cause. Big money wants to take away our guns, automobile racing. Look at how many times they tried to eliminate modifying our cars for racing.

  3. All for there green new deal.. those people who hate race cars will burn in hell

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