Precisely heat up a stuck bolt, stud, or bearing in seconds without causing collateral damage. (Image/Summit Racing’s YouTube Channel)

While most gearheads know that heat is one of the best ways to free a stuck nut or bolt, many of us are understandably hesitant to shove a blowtorch down into an engine bay.

From delicate ECUs and wiring harnesses, to dangerous combustible elements like oil and gasoline, errant flames can have catastrophic results when used around a vehicle. More importantly, excess heat soak around a lug nut, wheel bearing, or body panel often delivers collateral damage in the form of melted paint, distorted housings, and warped sheetmetal.

That’s why we really like the Mini-Ductor Venom HP Portable Induction Heater Tool from Induction Innovations. It can bring a stubborn bolt, bearing, or nut to a workable temperature in seconds, applying a precise amount of heat to a specific area—no flame needed.

Don’t believe us? Watch the Summit Racing folks use one to get a pesky stud out of an old VW cylinder head. It’s downright magical: