A wing car” that’s perfectly at home on a runway. (Image/Summit Racing’s YouTube Channel)

Thought land speed record runs only took place in Bonneville, Utah, or perhaps some other remote spot on the opposite side of the globe?

Nope. If you live in the eastern half of the United States, you can attend (and participate!) in land speed events a lot closer to your home, thanks to ECTA.

ECTA is the principal sanctioning organization for land speed racing in the Central U.S.

Instead of dry lakebeds, desert basins, or salt flats, the ECTA organizers use aircraft runways, and their events are now primarily held at the Arkansas International Airport in Blytheville, Arkansas.

The spring “Arkansas Mile” event took place last April, and the Summit Racing folks were there with their modified Tesla Model 3 to attempt some land speed record runs.

And they brought their cameras and microphones too.

So instead of us blathering on about how cool this event is, you’ll get a much better sense of its awesomeness in the video below. And if your curiosity is substantially piqued, check out ECTA’s website for some other upcoming land speed record events.