The builds are starting to shape up—but sourcing parts, while staying in budget, is getting more difficult. (Image/Power AutoMedia)

The Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout returns for a third go-around.

In the $10K Drag Shootout, teams are given a vehicle, plus $10,000 to build the quickest drag car possible. Oh, and they have 10 days to do it.

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The four teams race head-to-head on a no-prep track to decide a champion. The winning team gets $10,000 and keeps its car. The losers get nothing.


For episode three, the builders start testing the boundaries of the Shootout’s guidelines (starting with a roof-mounted turbocharger that may be a tad over sized). And the dreaded B-word starts showing up in conversations too—budget.

Watch episode three to see exactly how the teams are adapting as the Horsepower Wars challenge begins to really shape up.