This little box can save an awful lot of time and hassle on your fuel gauge install. (Image/AutoMeter)

Not too long ago, if you wanted to run an aftermarket fuel gauge, you’d need to install its matching sending unit in the tank.

Which, to be honest, can be a long, cumbersome job.

That’s why you’ll really, really like AutoMeter’s Fuel Bridge. It makes ANY AutoMeter fuel gauge compatible with virtually ANY fuel level sending unit—stock or otherwise.

Just wire it between the gauge and sending unit, go through some simple programming, and you’re set.

The AutoMeter Fuel Bridge has some common sender resistance settings already pre-loaded, but you can customize it for precise applications. There’s also a supplemental signal for a low-fuel warning light, if your gauge has one of those.

Learn more about this super-handy Fuel Bridge in this video.