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Mailbag: Does My High-Performance Engine Need a High-Volume Oil Pump?


I’m rebuilding a Dodge 360 engine for street performance applications. How do I know if I need a high volume oil pump?


A stock volume oil pump is perfectly adequate for most street performance engines turning less than 6,000 rpm with stock, or near-stock bearing clearances.

If you’re using remote oil filters, a remote oil cooler, bearing clearances for high-rpm operation, or any combination of these, you should consider using a high-volume oil pump. Check out Melling’s stock volume and high volume oil pumps.

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  1. Daniel Wilson says:

    That’s a question with a great deal of significance, Mr. Matthews. I’m sure it’s crossed the mind of everyone that has assembled an engine regardless of its intended use. With so many aftermarket components available from Summit Racing that are designed specifically for improving oiling systems, an answer with more technical content that details the usage of these performance components would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I would say keep your foot off the floor!

  3. A hi vol.oil pump can empty the pan with cold to warm oil.
    a safe & low power loss way plus U can prelube your motor.
    acusump has a no maintenance engine saver system that’s
    right between a wet sump dry sump. perfect for the street/
    strip person.Wont break the bank or your motor.

  4. My personnel preference is to run the high volume pump, with the lightest relief valve spring option, in a moderate output engine, but if you increase the volume, make sure the sump has the capacity to deal with it

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