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Mailbag: How to Bring a Long-Idle Vehicle Back to Life

Q. I have a 1987 Monte Carlo SS with a 305 HO engine and an automatic transmission. Unfortunately, it’s been stored in my garage for over a decade. I would love to have it up and running again. I want to restore it back to its 1987 condition. Which parts should I replace and what’s the best way to crank it over since it’s been so long?

A: Begin by carefully starting the engine to determine its health. Spray WD-40® in each cylinder and try to crank it over by hand first. Then, start the engine and thoroughly examine it for any issues. Chances are there will be some bugs to work out here and there. Anything that sits for over a decade will develop a few kinks!

Depending on how everything runs, we suggest replacing a few key items. Breathe new life into your engine with a UREMCO remanufactured carburetor. These carbs are completely rebuilt with all new components and will have your ride running back to factory standards in no time. After that, replace your worn and cracked hoses with a Goodyear Super Hi-Miler hose kit. These EPDM/Nomex hoses exceed factory specs for long lasting dependability. Then fire up your ignition with stock replacement spark plug wires from AutoExtra (AXT-27837) and spark plugs from ACDelco (ACF-R45TS).

Before hitting the street, make sure you extensively check your brake system. Flush all the lines and double-check your hardware. Once you feel confident, start up your revamped ride and conquer the road!


  1. Simon Swarbrick says:

    How about, at LEAST changing oil and filter ??? Trans fluid, air filter etc.

    • Yeah this just sounded like a product placement advertisement. How about the basics to start, before throwing a new carb on it.

  2. i agree with Simon and Wayne: this advice seems calculated to sell parts instead of ensuring the vehicle’s ready for the road!…

  3. Ty Gross (AKA) TYSTYX says:

    Before buying anything for this Engine…. First check all the fluid levels. Than I would hook up a remote fuel tank(5 gallon gas can with some fuel hose, Fresh Gas). I also recommend to hook up Mechanical Gauges,,, Oil Pressure,,,,Water Temperature. Make sure its has engine oil in it and fire that sucker up.
    Make sure you record oil pressure upon starting up cold..should be higher than warmed up. If it’s “Hitting on all 8 Cylinders”…. Drain the old gas out of the cars tank,change the oil&filter with conventional oil make sure the Air Filter, Gas filter,are good,, make sure you have good Brakes & all safety stuff and go on a “Maiden Voyage”to check Transmission functions,etc.
    Fill it with Premium Fuel and take it easy on it.
    Remember those 305’s weren’t the best Engines that G.M. Produced(H.O. or not)
    Good Luck!

  4. Sure sounds like an ad!Buy this&buythat from Acme!? 🙂

    Basic checks,fluid changes ,battery check,etc.

    Or better yet take it to a decent car shop,in case you not that into mechanicks oriented..

    Cr##p is going to happen anyways,it´s just a matter of how much!

    God luck&take care!

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