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Video: Rick Stein’s 1965 Mercury Comet

Rick Stein has a passion for classic cars and knows the importance of getting you the parts you need on time.

As a member of Summit Racing‘s Order Fulfillment Center, and owner of the 1965 Mercury Comet featured in this video, he’s committed to helping customers keep their automotive projects on schedule.

Stein built this excellent ’65 Comet. Watch the video for more.

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  2. Terry Allen says:

    I absolutely love your Comet. They have been one of the objects of my lust for years. Yours is great for 2020 and “period-correct”, too.

  3. I had a 62 Comet S-22 which had a six cylinder Engine/2speed transmission. I bought it for $50.00,Gutless package! I put a Stock 289 Engine/3speed manual from a 65 Fairlane Wagon.I was 15 years old at the time.
    That Comet was quick.I like that guy’s Comet… But as soon as he said”351 Windsor Motor”? I shut it off. IT’S AN ENGINE NOT A MOTOR!

    • Daniel Wilson says:

      Did you hear the one about a showdown between a ultra high horsepower internal combustion V-8 MOTOR and a high torque, super high RPM electric ENGINE ?

      Apparently there are no longer any bonus points being awarded for knowing the difference between the two power sources and the correct terminology used in the description. Just an elevated state of bliss powered by good old fashioned ignorance.
      And the beat goes on…..

  4. Paul Russell says:

    Great looking 65 Comet Rick..looks like a 202…i bought my 65 202 in 1977..still have it ..factory 4 speed top loader 289 4v ..great car and yes fun to drive..Thanks for letting us have a look..

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