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Installing Aldan American Front Coilover Kit on 1999 Chevy Tahoe (Video)

(Image/Pro Performance)

The following comes courtesy of our friends at Aldan American.

If you love OBS pickups like we do, you know the two-door Tahoe and Blazers from 1988-99 are fast becoming one of the most coveted models to build in the C1500 world of trucks.

(Image/Pro Performance)

Travis from Pro Performance recently installed Aldan American’s Road Comp Coilover System on his 1999 Chevy Tahoe. Check out the video below as Travis installs the full coilover kit at home in the garage.

1999 was the last year for the two-door Tahoe. These C1500 vehicles use the same GMT400 chassis found in the 1988-98 two-wheel drive Chevy Blazers and Tahoes.

(Image/Pro Performance)

If you can remove your factory shocks and springs you can run coilovers.

Aldan coilover kits are designed to work with factory and aftermarket control arms and use the OEM shock and spring mounting locations for a bolt-on, OEM-like fitment.

(Image/Aldan American)

NOTE: An earlier version of this article originally appeared on the Aldan American blog. It is republished here with permission.

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  2. Denis Pol says:

    very interesting

  3. Jonathan Burger says:

    We bought this truck in 2002 with about 50,000 miles on it and have owned it ever since. Now has about 215,000 miles and still going strong. The engine shows no signs of letting up, we had to rebuild the transmission about 3 years ago, but that was primarily due to us not servicing it properly.

  4. A guys, I have a blue 99 like yours solid 5/7 drop. 2 in spindle, 3in coils , flip kit with shackles. Problem is it don’t settle well over wupdees at speed. I’ve run kyb, nitro drop, super slammers….Im interested in this system but no mention of how it drives..pros/cons. I would probably like having adjustable shocks. Some feed back is appreciated.


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