The crew at Summit Racing chose the Borla ATAK exhaust system for its 2019 Ford F-150 truck project.

Anthony Grosser, senior market specialist at Summit Racing, chose the Borla system, which features a loud, aggressive, yet distortion-free tone.

“Aside from appearance, the Borla ATAK dual exhaust really made this thing scream. The truck sounded rowdy when you accelerated and then like stock at cruising speeds,” Grosser said. “A truck needs to sound like it has a V8 under the hood in my opinion, and this thing sounds awesome.”

The Borla ATAK cat-back exhaust system utilizes a perforated tube muffler with internal pipes of varying diameters and lengths to create a harmony of blended exhaust notes. Every Borla ATAK system is custom-tuned to the specific vehicle it is designed for.

Each exhaust component is made from premium austenitic stainless steel and ultra-smooth, mandrel-bent tubing. All told, the system makes for a durable, corrosion-resistant, and incredibly fun upgrade over a stock system.

In today’s video, you’ll receive step-by-step guidance for installing a Borla ATAK exhaust system on a Ford F-150 pickup (2015-2020), starting with removal of the stock exhaust system.

Check it out.