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Garage Goal #1: Organizing Your Garage or Workspace

So 2020 — the first half, at least — has become the year of “social distancing.”

But it can also be the year you rekindle a dormant project, get in some good garage time with your kids, or finally organize and breathe new life into your garage or shop.

That will be the focus of a series of articles we’ll be publishing in the coming days, which are designed to help you set and achieve some garage goals for your space and your vehicle.

You social distance. You save lives. And when it’s all said and done, your garage will be better off and your ride is ready to shine for its 2020 show debut — whenever that may be.

Let’s get started with shop organizers.

10 Garage Organizers to Help Your Efforts

There are shop organizers — the big stuff. And then there are the tool organizers — which we’ll save for another post.

For this article, we’re going to focus on the bigger items (some of which you may already have) to help you get stuff off the ground and into a good storage spot. We’ll also include things to help you make better use of your space.

So here we go:

Folding Tire Loft

(Image/Summit Racing)

Got some spare tires sitting around?

This wall-mounting tire storage system can hold up to 300 pounds of wheels and tires, and folds snuggly against the wall when not in use.

Make better use of your floor space by taking your storage to another level — literally.

Grease Gun Holder

(Image/Summit Racing)

Grease drips on your floor not only look bad, but they can also be a safety hazard.

Mount an ABS plastic no-drip grease gun holder on your garage wall, then snap your grease gun into place. The holder stores your grease gun out of the way and includes a catch tray to handle any grease that might drip from the gun.

Tool Chests

(Image/Summit Racing)

You may be saying to yourself, “I’ve already got a tool chest.”

And that’s great! Any garage setup starts with a tool chest to store and protect your tools. If you’ve already got one, we’ll show you how to better organize your tool chests and tool boxes in a later post.

If you’re someone who needs a good tool chest — or wants to upgrade your current one — we’ve got some excellent news. There are tons of tool chests and cabinets to fit your needs, space, and budget. You can choose from rolling cabinets and workbench top chests in a variety of dimensions and drawer configurations. Summit Racing five-drawer chests are a cost-effective option, starting at $269.99.

Storage Cabinets

(Image/Summit Racing)

What about all of the random stuff sitting around your garage — things like shop towels, hand cleaner, motor oil, etc.?

Homak Garage series mobile cabinets provide dependable storage and clutter control in your garage or shop. These high-quality steel cabinets feature swivel-locking casters for easy mobility. Homak Garage series mobile cabinets also include drawers or adjustable shelving for versatile storage and are lockable for security.

Air Tool Rack

(Image/Summit Racing)

Keep track of your expensive air tools with this specially designed air tool rack. Its notched openings are designed to hold and organize up to nine air tools. It’s made from solid steel construction to handle heavy duty tools, has a four-inch deep shelf to store air tool oil and lubricants, and mounts conveniently to your garage or shop wall .


(Image/Summit Racing)

Every garage or shop needs a good, sturdy workbench, and you can find them online or at your local hardware store.

However, if you’re looking for a workbench for your automotive projects, we suggest offerings from Homak, Ranger Products, or Titan Products. These workbenches are made with your needs in mind and come with features like tough steel construction, casters (in some cases), and lockable drawers (in some cases).

Air Hose Reels

(Image/Summit Racing)

Sick of tripping on that loose air hose? Performance Tool’s 25-foot air hose and reel mounts on your wall, floor, or ceiling and features a spring-powered auto-rewind feature. That makes putting the air hose back where it belongs simple!

Cord Reels

(Image/Summit Racing)

Keep your garage or shop floor from looking like a snake’s nest of tangled extension cords. The Wonder Winder cord winder neatly coils up to 150 feet of 16/3 extension cord within 30 seconds with no knots, kinks, or twists. Plus, it comes with a quick-release crank mechanism which allows you to easily move it from one location to another.

Portable Work Table

(Image/Summit Racing)

What if you need an extra work surface for your project?

We suggest adding a folding, portable work table to your garage or shop. It’s a nice option to have in your back pocket when you’ve got multiple projects in the works.

Peg Boards and Accessories

(Image/Summit Racing)

Does your garage also include the lawn and garden essentials? Do you like to keep some of your tools out for easy access? Then mounting a pegboard on your wall — either an entire wall or just above your tool chest — may be the right play. The key to making it all work is fitting the board to your space, and then choosing the right pegboard hooks and accessories.

More Ideas

Our friends at Summit Racing created a top shop essentials video recently. You should check that out for more garage-organization ideas.

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  1. Ron mrford4969 says:

    Keep all your work benches up against the walls and not on the wall where your garage doors are.

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    I think that the people of America are the most talented people as they don’t hire someone for little jobs but students hire writers from edubirdie after reading reviews on source because it tells the authenticity of their service. They do it by themselves. I think that all fathers are actually mechanics also as they maintain their garage by themselves.

  5. Steve Serrano says:

    You should definitely include some lighting equipment and tips.

  6. Ramblerman says:

    You can’t have enough electrical outlets, air outlets, or lighting. One idea I’ve kicked around would be to put lighting in the floor. No, not like disco! Maybe a 4 foot strip on in front of and behind the lift posts, with a clear hard acrylic cover for protection.

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