In an earlier post in our Garage Goals series, we covered the big-item garage organizing goods — the tool chests, cabinets and storage cabinets. As we continue to look at ways to make the most of the current, unfortunate downtime, we’re throwing down the challenge of organizing your tools.

Let’s get started:

14 Go-To Tool Organizers for Your Garage

We’ve created this guide/checklist to make the chore of organizing your tools a lot easier. Some go-to organizers that are a must. Some are cool products you might not have known even existed!

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Ernst Tray Organizers

Our checklist starts with the multi-purpose, time-honored tray organizer.

Ernst tray organizers easily slip inside the shallow drawers of your standard toolbox, plus they are stackable as well as fuel- and solvent-resistant. They are available in two different compartment sizes and come in red, black, or blue finishes. 

Pliersrack II

Tired of playing hide-and-seek with your pliers?

The Pliersrack II keeps them organized and ready to go! The all-steel rack features a vinyl-dipped divider that holds 14 pairs of pliers, and has 10 extra-wide spaces to accommodate tools with insulated grips. Depending on toolbox space, you can either store it inside of your tool chest, on top of your toolbox for easy access, or you can mount it to your pegboard with the included hardware. 

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Ernst Manufacturing Ratchet and Extension Holders

No more rolling and banging around in your toolbox drawers! From ratchet and extension holders to socket clips and wall-mounting kits, Ernst Manufacturing has the accessories you need to keep those ratchets and extensions organized. This particular holder is designed for use with Ernst socket organizers.

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Ernst Dura-Pro Twist Lock Socket Organizers

Ernst Manufacturing Dura-Pro twist-lock complete socket systems maximize your storage by accommodating all of your socket sets, including ratchets, extensions, and metric and standard sockets of all sizes. Their excellent design offers the ultimate in toolbox storage!

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Ernst Manufacturing Socket Boss Twist Lock Socket Trays

Here’s another go-to option for your sockets: Ernst Manufacturing Socket Boss twist-lock socket trays. They allow you to easily transport sockets, securely store expensive sets, manage socket drawers, interchange socket rails, and save space. They are available in different configurations and colors to suit your socket storage needs. The trays include I.D. stickers for socket identification.

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Homak Part Organizers with Drawers

Homak designed these parts organizers with clear pull-out drawers for easy selection of small hardware and accessories, such as nails, screws, and washers. These parts organizer units can be stacked or wall mounted to save space and keep your workbench area nice and neat.

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Homak Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are among the most versatile organizing pieces you can own! Homak bins are stackable and available in a choice of sizes to suit your storage needs.

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Pit Posse T-Handle Racks

Pit Posse’s T-handle racks feature durable aluminum construction and hold multiple T-handles. They’re designed to hang on the side of your toolbox for quick and easy tool access, or they can be mounted on a wall.

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Homak Portable Parts Organizers

Another take on the time-honored workbench-top parts organizer, these portable units feature five removable parts trays with built-in dividers to keep everything neat and tidy. The main unit is designed with a carry handle and latch that holds the organizers in place.

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Air Tool Racks

Our first repeat appearance!

This air tool rack was in our shop organizers guide, but it’s worthy of an inclusion here, too. It holds up to nine tools in its notched openings, so they’re all in one convenient place. Plus, each rack has a deep shelf that’s perfect for storing air tool oil and lubricants.

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Lisle Wrench Racks

Need help wrangling in your wrenches?

That’s where Lisle wrench racks come in. Constructed from durable plastic, these racks feature two different slot sizes to accommodate up to 13 tools. Indentations on the front edge of the Lisle wrench racks hold your tools upright, making it easy to find the wrench or pliers you’re looking for.

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James Gaskets Gasket Boards

Not technically a tool organizer, but a handy addition nonetheless if you’ve got a surplus of gaskets.

James Gaskets has 3-color gasket display boards, which measure 32 in. tall x 48 in. wide and come ready to mount on a pegboard. They are made of attractive, durable 20-mil vinyl and include all necessary hardware and mounting hooks.

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Valvetrain Organizers

Okay, now we’re getting crazy.

It’s true, not everyone needs a valvetrain organizer. But if you find yourself in the middle of an engine teardown, valvetrain organizers can be an invaluable resource. Depending on which you choose, you can keep track of all of your rockers, valves, valve springs, and more.

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JOES Racing Toolbox Labels

Last but not least, you’ll want an easy visual reminder of where your hand tools are located. JOES Racing Products toolbox labels feature a black background with easy-to-read yellow lettering. They’re great for both the pro shop and the home mechanic.

Author: David Fuller

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