The crew at Summit Racing chose the Gen-Y adjustable receiver hitch ball mount for its 2019 Ford F-150 truck upgrade project.

Today’s video covers the installation of the hitch, which Anthony Grosser, senior market specialist at Summit Racing, chose among a group of popular off-the-shelf Ford F-150 products that bolt on with very little hassle.

“Every part can be installed in a driveway or garage utilizing basic hand tools,” Grosser said.

This video covers each step of the Gen-Y hitch installation process, along with additional insight on a cool add-on purchase: a BOLT receiver lock.

Featuring a solid zinc core, automotive-grade cylinder, and a patented 6-plate tumbler sidebar, the BOLT receiver lock is designed to safely secure your hitch to your vehicle. Conveniently, your vehicle’s ignition key doubles as the key to lock and unlock it.

Check out the video for more.