Hot-rod builder Alan Johnson needs no introduction on the show-car circuit.

His builds have won the prestigious Ridler Award, as well as multiple Street Rod of the Year, and Street Machine of the Year awards at Goodguys shows.

Lesser known perhaps, is Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop brand, and the company’s expansion of off-the-shelf parts that Johnson and his team have been developing and installing in their car builds for years.

“Some of them came from the inspiration of a one-off build that we’ve done, and we take a part and make it to where we can produce it cost-effectively and sell to everybody else,” Johnson said in an interview with our friends at Summit Racing. “But it’s all parts that I want to see on my personal car or a customer’s personal car, and we don’t sell those parts until I’ve got it on something that gets finished and it’s running, driving, and going down the road so that we know it’s a dependable part, and it’s going to function and do what it’s supposed to be doing.”

In this video, Johnson talks about his building and parts-development philosophy, his personal aspirations for himself, as well as future Johnson’s Hot Rod Shop builds and parts development that the rest of us can buy.

Watch the video above to learn more about Johnson and his team.