(Image/Mike Bloomhuff – OnAllCylinders)

The car Kevin Strub drove in high school was a 1971 AMC Javelin.

“I always wanted to get another one,” Strub said.

While living in Virginia during the mid-1990s, Strub found a 1972 Javelin for sale in a used car booklet like the ones we all used to buy at news stands before the internet took over the world.

Strub bought the Javelin from the car’s second owner who happened to be related to the original owner, so Strub has the original bill of sale for $4,300 from Triangle AMC in Winston-Salem, NC.

The car had been customized in the late-1980s with the current paint job, a factory AMX cowl induction hood, AMX rear spoiler, and power seats and mirrors from a Ford Thunderbird.

“Over the next 15 years, I causally looked for parts and got it all back to original, and plan to someday re-paint it close to the original color which was Metallic Green,” Strub said. “I also took 10 years or so to build an AMC 401 that is currently powering the car. It was originally a 304.”

The Javelin has a 727 TorqueFlite transmission with an aggressive shift kit.

“Someday it would be nice to put a Gears Vendors overdrive unit in it so I can lower the rpm while going down the highway!” he said.

Strub has performed several upgrades to the Javelin, including:

  • Widening the factory rally rear wheels
  • Adding a Posi-traction rear end
  • All new suspension bushings
  • New springs
  • New beefier front and rear Addco sway bars
  • Subframe connectors
  • Factory-style front spoiler below the original front valance
  • Era-correct AM/FM 8-track player (We spotted Ted Nugent and REO Speedwagon 8-track tapes. Rad.)

Strub also added 1971 taillights because he liked the look better than the ’72 version.

“The car handles really well and I plan to run in some autocross events eventually,” he said.

An AMC Javelin, especially one this clean looking, is a rare sight. We appreciate Strub’s coolness about us randomly shooting photos of it and for his generosity in sharing its back story.

It’s an awesome car as you can see for yourself:

(Image/Mike Bloomhuff – OnAllCylinders)
(Image/Mike Bloomhuff – OnAllCylinders)
(Image/Mike Bloomhuff – OnAllCylinders)
(Image/Mike Bloomhuff – OnAllCylinders)
(Image/Mike Bloomhuff – OnAllCylinders)
(Image/Mike Bloomhuff – OnAllCylinders)
(Image/Mike Bloomhuff – OnAllCylinders)