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Super Summit Mini-Feature: Gen. III Hemi-Swapped AMC Javelin

NORWALK, OH — “That thing got a Hemi?” That was the question posed in Dodge’s ubiquitous ad campaign used to launched the Gen. III Hemi engine about 15 years ago. […]

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Neither Snow Nor Rain: A Brief History of the Postal Mail Jeep

Jeep is sometimes referred to as one of the most “patriotic” vehicle brands, and for good reason: Jeeps are often credited with helping the allies to victory during World War […]

Jeep 4.0L straight six
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The Top 10 American Performance Engines of the Last 30 Years (#10) AMC/Jeep 4.0L Straight-6

Editor’s note: The 1980s was a transition period for engine technology in America. The iconic carburetor gave way to fuel injection. Cubic inches were out, and liter designations marked a new era for […]

AMCs and Mad Max: Doug Kinney’s AMX Obsession
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AMCs and Mad Max: Doug Kinney’s AMX Obsession

In early 1968 Craig Breedlove was hired by American Motors to show off the new AMX. Breedlove drove two specially prepared AMXs to the limit at a Goodyear test track […]

The Top 5 Vehicle Makes You Want to Resurrect
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The Top 5 Vehicle Makes You Want to Resurrect

Hey, we don’t get it either. How is it that something so beloved by so many people can simply go away? From S.W. Graham to Planters Cheez Balls to Wacky […]

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Photo Gallery: The Packard Edition

The first Packard automobile was built in 1899 in Warren, OH—which is pretty close to OnAllCylinders’ home base. At the time, the Packard family was running an electric company, and they […]