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Video: Intro to Choosing AutoMeter Gauges (FAQ)

AutoMeter has about 65 different product lines comprised of both analog gauges and digital gauges.

That’s great for having options, but might make choosing the optimum gauge for your application more difficult, particularly for first-time gauge shoppers.

In today’s video, Brett from AutoMeter joins our friends at Summit Racing to discuss some of the frequently asked questions people have when considering which gauge to buy.

From design and style to price and installation, different gauges offer different features and benefits. Learn more by watching the video.

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  1. Daniel Wilson says:

    Most people will agree that AutoMeter is the leader in performance automotive gauge technology and with so many styles available, it can be a challenge to select the best ones for a particular application. So naturally I watched the “How to choose the right gauge” video.

    Especially since I’m adding more and upgrading the instrumentation on my ‘70 Mustang Mach 1 street/strip fun ride and my 2002 Grand Prix, Supercharged GTP daily driver. Unfortunately for me the video didn’t help with the selection process. It offered very little information about specific details but mostly general information that people know already.

    The purchases I’ve made so far feature the 270 degree sweep dials that look and perform so well. LED lighting is a must have feature but naturally it is only available on the higher priced gauges. But it looks so awesome at night and well worth the extra bucks. When the video finally got around to the nice feature of LED back lighting, they had several gauges on display during the discussion. I naturally assumed that they would dim the studio lights and show off the beautiful LED lighting but it never happened. Nice going guys. You failed to show one of the great features of the high end gauges !!!

    Basically the video was a flop but no worries. When the name is AutoMeter and the gauges are the best in the world, crappy videos are of no significance at all .

    And the beat goes on….

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