How many times have you looked at a part or product, and said: “Why didn’t I think of that?”

JJ’s Rods E-Z Firewall Steering Column Boot just may be one of those products. Jeff Johnson, owner JJ’s Rods & E-Z Firewall Boots, had spent his fair share of time around street rods and hot rods and knew the scenario all too well:

  • The unsightly gap around the steering column.
  • The unwanted road dust coming up through the firewall.
  • The heat and fumes from the engine compartment.

Then, the idea for his firewall boots came about. The boots offer an elegant solution to the age-old problems listed above. E-Z firewall steering column boots feature rubber “grommets” that are easily adaptable to different steering columns and firewall configurations to prevent hot air, dirt, and fumes from entering your vehicle’s interior. A trim ring bezel is included, along with mounting hardware to facilitate the installation. The boot seals and trim rings are available in either oval or teardrop shape, depending on model.

Best of all, installation is simple. According to Johnson, the process takes a matter of minutes with simple hand tools and goes even faster with the right power tools.

Johnson says the boots can be used on street rods, muscle cars, and even off-road vehicles. In addition to steering column boots, his company offers great-looking brake/clutch boots and firewall boot combos.

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