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Horsepower Wars: LS vs. Coyote Shootout 2, Episode 4

“Polygraph Room” appears above the entrance to Westech’s dyno room where this portion of the LS vs. Coyote Shootout will be settled. (Image/Power Automedia)

In Episode 4, the Coyote and LS engines taking part in Season 2 of Horsepower Wars’ LS vs. Coyote Shootout hit the dynometer.

These ProCharger-boosted engines weren’t playing. They made ridiculous power and torque numbers. And it shouldn’t surprise you that we like ridiculous power and torque numbers.

The Horsepower Wars competition people moved the proceedings to Mira Loma, CA-based Westech Performance Group, where both engines would be test on a Superflow SF-902 engine dyno.

In the interest of fairness, Redline Motorsports owner Matt Bell, and impartial third party, was tapped to tune both engines for the dyno test.

We’d tell you more, but there’s no way you’re not clicking over to Horsepower Wars recap of the engine testing to soak in the awesomeness.

Once you’re finished there, watch this:

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  1. No replacement for displacement

  2. With all due respect, this “competition” was a joke from the start. Some interesting parts combos, but 427 inches is a whole lot larger than 305. End of story. Been that way since the dawn of the muscle car, but I guess those who ignore history are bound to relive it.

  3. Since both self destructed in less that 10 pulls on dyno, how can either be called a winner?

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