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Video: LEED Brake’s Quiet Vacuum Pump Lets You Add Power Without Sacrificing Braking

LEED Brakes designs and sells disc brake conversions and hydraulic solutions to the muscle car, street rod, and truck markets.

The company also makes a little gem of a part, its Bandit-series electric vacuum pump kits.

Why might you want or need an electric vacuum pump? Because once you start modifying engines to make more power, your engine can lose a lot of its vacuum-producing potential.

Your power brake booster needs 16-18 inches of vacuum to operate effectively, says LEED’s Bill Cummings.

There are various ways of achieving that. Some involve noisy alternatives (piston-style pumps vs. rotary vane pumps), while others include sacrificing power by using a less-aggressive camshaft than you might want.

As Hot Rod highlights in its profile on the part, this quiet, easy-to-install electric vacuum pump is a no-compromise alternative.

Check out the video from LEED Brakes to learn more about the Bandit-series electric vacuum pump.

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