The LS vs. Coyote Shootout — a competition between top engine builders, and between the most popular Ford and Chevy engine platforms for making modern power — is back for the 2019 edition of Horsepower Wars.

But this time, dyno competition rules are less restrictive, both engines will be adding boost, and the Coyote build will be under the direction of a highly respected engine builder in Tim Eichorn of Boyton Beach, FL-based MPR Racing Engines before battling the LS engine to be built by Houston, TX-based Late Model Engines (LME) under the leadership of Bryan Neelen.

On the left, Coyote-builder Tim Eichorn of MPR Racing Engines. On the right, LS-builder Bryan Neelan of Late Model Engines. (Image/Horsepower Wars)

Unlike last year, the builders have total freedom to choose the parts they want, but are restricted to a 12-rib drive system and the centrifugal supercharger being supplied ProCharger for both engines. They will have $15,000 to spend, up $5,000 from Season 1.

(Image/Horsepower Wars)

Also new this year is more diverse measurements for engine performance instead of measuring peak power exclusively.

There is so much more, and you can read all about it in Horsepower Wars complete explanation of the 2019 rules, competition details, and background of both engine builders.

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