Circle track racing means different things to different racers.

Asphalt tracks. Dirt tracks. Small-engine midget cars. Sprint cars. Stock cars.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior at a local track, or a high-profile professional, the parts you need to get your machine to Victory Lane vary depending on your race application.

MSD Ignition’s wide selection of ignitions for circle track racing is Exhibit A.

“Some classes require a stock appearing HEI distributor with a rev limiter while other classes are unlimited and can run a CD ignition or even a pro mag. With all these options available to racers, the best way to choose an ignition for circle track racing is to know the rules of the race track or sanctioning body,” wrote Holley’s Ray Fresca, who is the host of the included video, which exists to help you choose the best ignition for your circle track race car. “It is also important to consider the engine in the car. A street stock engine on gasoline for instance will not require an ignition as powerful as high compression open engine on methanol. Equally important is matching the proper coil to the ignition. Using a stock coil with a high powered ignition will only end in a failed coil and potentially lost race.”

Many of the features needed for circle track racing are already built-in to MSD ignition controls, MSD officials say, including rev limiters, rev-limiter recalls, stock-appearing HEI distributors, high-powered CD race ignitions, and more.

Learn more about choosing an ignition system for your circle track car by watching the video from MSD.