whiteline suspension springs and stabilizer bars


As modern automotive technology advances, so do many standard and stock features on new vehicles.

But those stock features and parts are made to satisfy the masses from not just a cost perspective, but aesthetic, performance, and efficiency as well. They are a “one-size-fits-all” solution that won’t always cut it for hardcore performance enthusiasts.

Fortunately, as OEM parts have advanced, so have aftermarket products—possibly tenfold. Your options for customizing your vehicle with aftermarket performance parts are virtually limitless, including your vehicle’s oft-overlooked suspension. Aftermarket suspension parts offer several driving and safety benefits.

Those benefits include:

1. Vehicle Responsiveness

Adding aftermarket suspension parts like anti-roll bars and control arms drastically improve your vehicle’s responsiveness and ability to handle tight turns. Body roll is reduced, as well as tire squeal.

Whether you’re intentionally challenging it on the track or just get stuck in a tricky situation on the road, the more responsive your ride is, the better off you are behind the wheel.

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2. Improved Braking

Perhaps surprisingly, suspension upgrades can also improve your vehicle’s braking performance.

With added stability in your vehicle, the energy produced while braking is more evenly distributed throughout your vehicle—rather than pushing down on your front-end, and creating upward force on your back-end.

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3. Freedom to Customize

While stock products are made for everyone, aftermarket products are tailored to your specific application and upgrade desires.

You can start with one small suspension upgrade, like bushings, or go big with a full sway bar kit. There are more brands to choose from than vehicle makes on the road, many of which specialize solely in suspension performance. Most aftermarket parts can also be tuned more finely than how they come, so the customization options are virtually endless.

4. Look Awesome

Yes, looks sometimes matter just as much as the performance of the part.

Suspension components, like lowering kits, can alter slightly the stance of your vehicle, giving it a sportier look. Of course there are varying levels of alteration you can choose from, all depending on the style and performance you’re seeking, as well as the specific demands of your application.

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5. Material Upgrades

Nearly all stock suspension components are made from low-grade metal or rubber materials.

High-quality aftermarket parts provide value because they are crafted from top-grade materials. For example, polyurethane is an excellent choice for aftermarket bushings because of its longevity, ease of installation, and enhanced performance. Brands like Whiteline and Nolathane use polyurethane throughout their product line to achieve high performance.

Aftermarket suspension upgrades are one of the best ways to modify your stock vehicle because of the many options. Bushings, sway bars, and control arms are a great place to start.

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