Q: I’ve got an old Chevy C10 with a 350.

I know it’s not your typical hot rod, but that’s what’s special about it. The block is bored .060″ over with flat-top pistons, a Lunati .457″ lift cam, 2.02″ intake/1.60″ exhaust 64cc heads, Dynomax headers, a Holley 670 Street Avenger carb, and a K&N air filter.

I consistently run low- to mid-15s at the track, but the problem is my “one-wheel-peel” 10-bolt rear end.

Can you recommend a nice posi rear end?

red chevy c10 squarebody pickup truck at cruise in car show

A: Hey, nice hot rod!

Your C10’s stock rear end was designed for easy drivability and fuel economy, but it’s certainly not doing you any favors in the quarter-mile.

The two-wheel traction from a limited-slip differential will definitely work well with all of that horsepower freed up by those engine mods.

We’d suggest an Eaton Posi Performance differential.

It provides the even torque split you need to perform an effective, two-wheel burnout, and the traction necessary for lightning-quick launches.

For some truely unshakable traction, add a set of drag radials!