Our friends at Summit Racing are always sharing and receiving excellent car and truck photos on their Facebook and Instagram pages, and we occasionally mine them for awesome photo galleries.

The Summit crew asked people recently to share photos of their current engines and in-progress engine builds.

Everybody loves good engine photos. Check them out.

Andy E.’s Boss 429

Brad C.’s Ford 302

Charly L.’s 455 (Bored)

Christie S.’s 410 Clevo (Built for Boost)

Clay M.’s 8-81 434 Small Block Chevy

David S.’s Ford 302

Don H.’s Big Block Chevy

Eric L.’s 416 Ford FE (in a ’65 F100)

Greg H.’s 302 (Stroked to 347)

Greg M.’s 572 Big Block

Haley G.’s 383 Stroker (for a ’68 Chevelle)

Jay B.’s 512 Big Block Mopar

John W.’s 351C (Stroked to 408)

Josh W.’s 1950 239 Ford Flathead

Joshua D.’s 383 Magnum (for ’70 Charger)

Justin W.’s 400 SBC (Going in a ’78 Chevy C20)

Marine Ford 302W in an ’87 RX-7

Mike M.’s LS2 (Swapped into ’68 Firebird)

Richard N.’s Fresh 557 Big Block Ford (for Mustang Bracket Car)

Rick A.’s Hemi Crate Engine

Robert H.’s Hemi 528

Robert D.’s Dart 421 Stroker (in ’77 Nova)

Ron A.’s Supercharged 540 Big Block Chevy (in Pro Street Corvette)

Russ S.’s L82 with 177 Blower (in ’85 El Camino)

Tim W.’s H.O. 307

Tommy K.’s Chevy 350 (in ’74 Capri)

Wyatt M.’s Pontiac 428 (Disguised as a 350)

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