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Hot Rod Power Tour

Photo Gallery: A Look at Some of the Hottest Hot Rod Power Tour Engines

Norwalk, Ohio – If you’ve been following OnAllCylinders this week, you may have noticed our coverage of the 2021 Hot Rod Power Tour as it kicked off in Norwalk before […]

Car Culture & Entertainment

Pontiac’s Innovative OHC Sprint Inline 6 Proved That You Didn’t Need to Bring a V8 to the Musclecar Party

In an earlier article on the Crosley Hotshot, we mentioned that it carried a groundbreaking engine with an overhead camshaft. That got us thinking about another innovative OHC powerplant that […]

Tech Articles / Tech Projects

Why Modify? 347 Small Block Ford Super Power

When it comes time to perform mods to your small-block Ford, gearheads have many choices. The choices include everything from basic bolts ons to pressurized power adders? Let’s not forget […]

Super Summit 2019

Super Summit 2019 Photo Gallery: Engines from the Show

The vehicles that showed up for Super Summit 2019 came in a variety of shapes, sizes, makes, and models, and we already showed you a few of our favorites—but we […]

Videos & Galleries

Photo Gallery: Readers’ Engine Builds

Our friends at Summit Racing are always sharing and receiving excellent car and truck photos on their Facebook and Instagram pages, and we occasionally mine them for awesome photo galleries. […]

Car Culture & Entertainment / Muscle Car Match-Ups/March Madness

2017 Muscle Car Match-Ups (Engine Edition) Final Four — Vote Now!

Welcome to the Muscle Car Match-Ups Final Four.   There were never any wrong answers, but we’re admittedly excited about the excellent match-ups your votes have created, as they represent […]

Car Culture & Entertainment / Muscle Car Match-Ups/March Madness / News & Car Culture

2017 Muscle Car Match-Ups (Engine Edition) Round 2 Pairings Unveiled!

The so-called Road to the Final Four is about to get chewed up. You voted some of the most ground-pounding, asphalt-eating American V8 production engines of all time into our Muscle […]

Shows and Events

Photo Gallery: Engines of the 2017 Piston Powered Auto-Rama

CLEVELAND, OH — Do you love engines? Stupid question, right? Of course you do! That’s why you filled out your bracket in the 2017 Muscle Car Match-Ups (Engine Edition), and […]

Car Culture & Entertainment / News & Car Culture

Vote Now in Our 2017 Muscle Car Match-Ups (Engine Edition)!

The NCAA basketball tournament has been a tradition since 1939. Our annual Muscle Car Match-Up tournament hasn’t been around nearly that long, but we felt it was already time for […]

Shows and Events / Super Summit 2016 / Videos & Galleries

Photo Gallery: 31 Flavors of Engines from Super Summit

(Sorry, Baskin-Robbins). Like ice cream, engines come in a variety of flavors. From old-school Flatheads to blown and fuel-injected big blocks, we saw a little bit of everything at last weekend’s […]