Welcome to the Muscle Car Match-Ups Final Four.
There were never any wrong answers, but we’re admittedly excited about the excellent match-ups your votes have created, as they represent some of the finest American V8 production engines of all time.
Left standing: Chevy. Ford. Mopar. And the powerhouse up to this point—the Buick 455 Stage 1.
Which one is THE best? It’s up to you to decide—see how the voting is done here. Don’t miss your chance to crown your favorite powerplant.

Final Four (Third Round) Match-Ups

Chevy L88 427 vs. Ford 427 Medium Riser

Ford 427 mid riser vs. Chevy L88 427
Corvette’s history is long and significant. And in that history, the Chevy L88 427 powered the rarest and most beastly versions of America’s original sports car. Chevy fibbed and said it made 430 horsepower. But we all know it made closer to 500. Which is in no way a bad thing.
Standing in the other corner is arguably Ford’s most-iconic engine—the legendary, old-school Ford 427 Mid Riser. This engine was the best and most streetable of Ford’s production-line 427s. The top Mid Riser was a dual-quad equipped engine which spit out 425 horsepower.
Two 427s. One Chevy. One Ford.
It’s like North Carolina vs. Duke, only with more hurt feelings afterward.

Chrysler 426 HEMI vs. Buick 455 Stage 1

Buick 455 Stage 1 vs. Hemi 426
You’ve probably already heard the story of the legendary 426 HEMI. It’s the Elephant. An icon. A game-changer. Best engine origin story ever. It was so dominant that NASCAR changed its rules to keep HEMI-powered cars from having a competitive advantage. Crazy.
But staring down the vaunted Elephant is the most-dominant engine of this tournament, earning the most votes in both Rounds 1 & 2: The Buick 455 Stage 1.
Buick engineers took the 455 and made most of its internals bigger and stronger. And, voilà! The Stage 1 face-rocker was born, and just maybe, destined for the throne.
One engine is running away from the field. But an Elephant never forgets.
Now you decide which engine moves onto the championship.