Q: I plan to do a lot of muddin’ in my 1978 Ford Bronco 4×4. But since I’m no expert mechanic, I thought I’d ask for your advice.

The Bronco already has a 4-inch suspension lift and a 3-inch body lift, plus some 35×15 Super Swampers.

I just bought an engine to replace the mostly stock 351M. The new engine is a Ford 460 big block, bored .030 over, with Clevite bearings and a Lunati cam and lifters.

We’re also adding some roller rockers and a high performance Edelbrock dual plane intake.

A friend of mind did this same swap and he says he only had to change some motor mounts and brackets and notch out the frame a bit. Does this sound right?

I’m also looking for more upgrade parts, like a carb, electronic ignition, etc. I use the Summit website to look at options, but there are so many ways to go.

Finally, what gear ratio would you recommend for a mudder that’ll drive the highway from time to time? Thanks!

1984 ford bronco climbing dirt hill
(Image/Marc Sorger)

A: Step into our laboratory, and we’ll figure out this mud beast.

First, you’ll need the frame brackets from a 1977-79 2WD Ford truck with a 460. (Fords part numbers are D3T2-G030 and D3T2-6031A.)

Here’s a list of parts we’d recommend for this application:

And finally, a 4.56 gear ratio should work fine for you. Happy trails!