Mailbag: Parts Recommendations for ’78 Bronco Mud Truck Build

78 ford bronco mud truck

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Q: I plan to do a lot of muddin’ in my 1978 Ford Bronco 4×4. But since I’m no expert mechanic, I thought I’d ask for your advice.

The Bronco already has a 4-inch suspension lift and a 3-inch body lift, plus some 35×15 Super Swampers.

I just bought an engine to replace the mostly stock 351M. The new engine is a Ford 460 big block, bored .030 over, with Clevite bearings and a Lunati cam and lifters.

We’re also adding some roller rockers and a high performance Edelbrock dual plane intake.

A friend of mind did this same swap and he says he only had to change some motor mounts and brackets and notch out the frame a bit. Does this sound right?

I’m also looking for more upgrade parts, like a carb, electronic ignition, etc. I use the Summit website to look at options, but there are so many ways to go.

Finally, what gear ratio would you recommend for a mudder that’ll drive the highway from time to time? Thanks!

A: Step into our laboratory, and we’ll figure out this mud beast.

First, you’ll need the frame brackets from a 1977-79 2WD Ford truck with a 460. (Fords part numbers are D3T2-G030 and D3T2-6031A.)

Here’s a list of parts we’d recommend for this application:

And finally, a 4.56 gear ratio should work fine for you. Happy trails!

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  1. rick wallace says:

    Sorry, the 2 wheel brackets wont work, and they never put a 460 in a pre 79 4×4. Go to L&L products for lifetime mounts. They have the best headers for one too, pricy but the best. depending on the year of the 460 be carful, some are balanced differant and if ya get it wrong , it will shake your teeth out. If it is a stick DO NOT USE A 390 FLYWHEEL you will replace it and the starter drive ever 6 months, If it is an auto use correct year of crank/balancer. Look around and see it you can find a Dana 60 front and rear diff . Fronts only came in one tons or snow plow F250. Expect to pay a couple grand for the front , but you wont be replacing it weekly with the kind of horses you want to drop the hammmer on it. It will bolt up except drag link. aN f250 STEERING GEAR will bolt up outside the frame and work a lot better also, but not critical. Finally consider a dropped steering system over the stock junk. With your lift you already got a lot of bump steer , right? I been totaly into these trucks since 1970. ashes to ashes …dust to dust …if wasn`t for Chevrolets , my tools would RUST.

  2. Everything looks good here! I would switch to fuel injection on your mudder you wont be diappointed!fittek or holley or something compareable!

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