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Upgrading a vehicle’s sway bar often is one of the quickest and easiest ways to boost handling, stability, and control. As sway bars have increased in thickness to accommodate larger, more powerful vehicles, manufacturers have been looking for ways to reduce weight without sacrificing performance.

QA1, a leading supplier of performance suspension, driveshaft, and related components, is tackling the challenge of weight reduction with a new line of lightweight carbon fiber sway bars it introduced at the 2018 SEMA Show. This is great news for enthusiasts looking to improve their cornering capabilities and minimize vehicle weight.

The first sway bar QA1 is launching for the line will be for Ford F-100 applications.

It measures 2 1/4 inches in diameter and weighs about 8 lbs. less than the company’s current 1 3/8-inch diameter hollow SAE-3130 steel bars, but with a similar spring rate. According to QA1, we should expect to see additional options for Ford and GM applications soon.

QA1 gave our friends at Summit Racing a quick overview of their latest sway bar offering at the show. Watch the video here:

Of course, this isn’t QA1’s first foray into carbon fiber technology. The company’s popular carbon fiber driveshafts are produced in-house at its Lakeville, MN facility and designed for increased strength, long-lasting durability, and reduced weight.

Learn more about QA1’s carbon fiber technology and production capabilities on QA1’s website.

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