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SEMA 2018: MSD DIS Kit for Small- and Big-Block Chevy Makes Coil-Per-Plug Conversion Easy

MSD DIS ignition kit for SBC and BBC


LAS VEGAS — Among the plethora of new parts launched by Holley Performance Products at the 2018 SEMA Show was the newest MSD Ignition system—the MSD Direct Ignition System for Small- and Big-Block Chevy engines.

This new MSD direct ignition system (DIS) controller is designed to simplify the conversion of conventional distributor-type engines to a coil-per-plug configuration.

This setup eliminates the distributor cap and rotor wear, eliminates spark energy losses from long spark plug wires, and gives users the ability to optimize their engine tuning parameters.

There are features to benefit naturally aspirated and forced induction engine combos, as well as nitrous-fed powerplants.

Drag racers will love the two-step rev limiter and launch-retard features, MSD officials say.

MSD DIS ignition kit for SBC and BBC - ignition box


Product features for the MSD DIS kit are many, and include:

  • Preprogrammed timing maps
  • Fully programmable 2D and 3D timing maps for complete timing control
  • Individual Cylinder Timing (ICT) for precision tuning
  • Built-in 2.5 bar Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor for boosted applications
  • Optional temperature sensor input to control timing based on temperature
  • Fully potted electronics and sealed connectors for maximum durability
  • Easily programmable through a mini-USB communication port
  • Programmable max rev and launch RPM limiters provide engine protection
  • Consistent holeshots thanks to a programmable launch timing retard
  • Single timing step retard ideal for pulling timing for nitrous applications
  • On-board data acquisition
  • Kits available for Chevy and Ford V8 applications with more to come
MSD DIS ignition kit for SBC and BBC 2


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  1. Is this currently available? If so, how much? Also, is there a Cleveland Ford application and is there an online install video available?

  2. rick wallace says:

    Good Lord only 50 years ago I was setting dwell and checking timing standing on my head with a light driven pistow and a dwell meter. and I though my dad seen progress, he was born in 1910.
    what next, 2000 horsepower 2.0 4 banger?

  3. Is MSD or other companies ever going to implement some of there new products or technology into newer computer controlled engines, or am I not supposed to ask questions like this?
    V-6/4 cyl.

  4. I have a 4 cylinder engine and like to boosted it some. I’d like that question answered. I had a 90′ Caddie briartz, and was very satisfied. What is in store for us 4 bangers?

  5. Anything for Dodge 318 love to have it. Tom

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