Ahead of the  big showdown at the Shakedown at the Summit, the 10K Drag Shootout teams labored for two 16-hour days to finish and chassis-dyno their cars before the trip to Norwalk.

Team Stinky Pinky’s had timing and other issues as they attempted to get the supercharged big block Chevy running. They messed up their first chassis dyno session when no data was recorded, but managed to get a solid run at the last minute and put up some very happy numbers. They finished the build with around 13 bucks left in their budget.

Team Bigun executed their plan to the letter. They were the first to get their Mustang to run and the first to make dyno pulls with little drama–and some big numbers. Team Bigun is also going to Norwalk with $339.00 in their collective pocket.

The Dream Team kept up with Team Bigun nearly stride for stride. They had to hustle to make the dyno pulls, but their Mustang was still able to hit the rollers on time and get some data to help set a baseline tune for the Shakedown At The Summit. The Dream Team goes to Norwalk with almost $198.00 in American money.

Team Boddie worked on their big block Regal literally to the last second, but didn’t finish in time to make any dyno pulls. What’s worse, the Regal would only move in reverse–no foward gears in the Turbo 400 transmission were operational. They’ll have to address that issue at the track, so it’s a good thing the team has about $465.00 in build funds left.

Check all of this action in episode 5 here:

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