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Squinting through a mud-, pollen-, or salt-covered windshield?

Anco’s Replacement Windshield Washer Pump is a darn good option for folks with a broken or otherwise ineffective windshield washer system.

This kit is also a pretty smart retrofit for older cars and trucks that may be struggling with a sub-par factory setup—if the vehicle even came with a windshield washer system in the first place.

And it’s an all-in-one solution for kit cars, race cars, trail buggies, commercial trucks, or any project where you need “squirter” action.

The kit comes with pretty much all you’ll need to install a new windshield washer system in your ride, including a reservoir with electric pump, the hood-mounted squirters, and a cabin on/off switch, plus the appropriate hoses, wiring, and clamps.

You may need to add additional wiring or hoses depending on your particular setup.

It’s a universal-fit system, so perhaps the biggest hurdle you’ll have for installation is finding a place to mount the reservoir. It’s also important to remember that, on vehicles that didn’t come with a squirter system from the factory, you’ll have to drill holes in your hood or cowl to install the washer nozzles. The 12-volt DC motor can be tied in to your vehicle’s electrical system and activated by the (included) dash-mount pushbutton switch.

While it’s not something that will add a jillion horsepower or make your ride handle like an F-1 car, having a functional windshield cleaning system is essential component of a safe vehicle—and that makes this kit pretty darn cool in our book.

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Author: Paul Sakalas

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