Mr Gasket Degree Wheel Camshaft Video

(Image/YouTube – Mr. Gasket)

Properly degreeing a camshaft is an essential aspect of building a performance engine.

While, on paper, it seems like you’d be able to simply adhere to the manufacturer’s pre-stamped markings and be good to go, the reality is that that’s rarely the case.

Why? Stampings can be imprecise, loose tolerances can create slack in the valvetrain, and the motor itself could be modified or have manufacturing variances that might affect the accuracy of the original markings.

This video from Mr. Gasket demonstrates that using a degree wheel to properly degree-in a camshaft is a relatively straightforward process. Better yet, you’ll only need a degree wheel, dial indicator, and few other tools to get it done.

The video breaks the job down to nine distinct steps. Though the engine used in the video is largely disassembled and on an engine stand, you can still degree-in a camshaft on a engine inside of a vehicle.

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