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Enough lead-up—it’s time to start tallying some points in Episode 3 of the Horsepower Wars: Pony Wars 2017 Ford Mustang GT vs. Chevy Camaro 2SS challenge.

Want the rules for this multi-faceted contest? Check out Episode 1,and if you want to see each car’s baseline performance, check out Episode 2. You can find all the latest news, bonus videos, and episodes here in our Horsepower Wars section,

Early on, it’s easy to call the Mustang the underdog…err…underhorse in the contest. The Camaro boasted better initial performance numbers both on the track and the dyno.

But, in this round of the Pony Wars saga, each team gets $5,000 to throw at their respective rides. The teams can choose to upgrade the machines in any way they see fit—engine, chassis, brakes—wherever they think their $5K spend can do the most good.

The Mustang got some significant underhood upgrades, including an entire GT350 induction package from Ford Performance, plus a set of headers from BBK. It also received a TCI torque converter and some rear chassis components from Steeda.

Over on the Camaro side, the team focused almost exclusively on engine performance, save for a high-stall TCI torque converter. The LT-series engine got a MSD Atomic intake manifold attached to a Holley iNTECH cold air intake system.

Both the Mustang and Camaro received an ECU tune, courtesy of DiabloSport’s I3 Platnium computer programmer.

Back on the Dyno, the Mustang suprised everyone by delivering a signficantly larger performance improvment over its Bowtie rival.

But was it enough to claim the lead over the Camaro?


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