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Horsepower Wars Episode 2, 2017 Mustang vs. Camaro: Establishing Baselines


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Before you go modifying any vehicle, it’s important to understand its capabilities in stock, unmolested trim.

And that’s precisely what the gang at Horsepower Wars did in the second installment of its “Pony Wars” series that’s pitting a 2017 Mustang vs. a 2017 Camaro. 

Stage 1: Mustang vs. Camaro Baseline Factory Performance

The team first went to the dyno to see if it would back-up Chevy’s and Ford’s horsepower claims.

Baseline test number two was heading to a 1/4-mile dragstrip to put those dyno results to some real world performance numbers, in the form of elapsed times.

Finally, both pony cars were wrung-out on the tarmac of Buttonwillow Raceway Park’s road course to demonstrate each one’s brake and chassis systems.


You can check out the results in Episode 2 here:

Pony Wars: Episode 2 – Baselining Our Camaro and Mustang


Points were awarded to the winner in each category and the Pony Wars now move on to Stage 2. During this next stage, the teams both receive $5,000 to use however they want to bolt-on more performance to their rides.

In Stage 3, things get really nuts, and each team gets an additional $15 grand to throw at their cars. This should allow the teams to transform the Mustang and Camaro into the ultimate street machines.

You can watch more episodes and bonus videos here.

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