Eddies 1964 Chevy C10

(Image/Eddie Lair)

Eddie always kept one eye on his neighbor’s unfinished 1964 Chevy C10 project, as it had been languishing for years near Eddie’s home.

“If you ever decide to sell it,” Eddie told him. “I want it!”

After years of persistence, the neighbor relented and Eddie quickly became the C10’s new owner.

The truck was mostly original and Eddie started off the by simply putting a mild performance small block in it, backed by a T-10 four-speed.

“After having lots of fun with the truck as a weekend hot rod,” Eddie says, “I decided to back-half it.”

In went a narrowed Dana 60 rear end, 4.11 gears from Strange, and a four-link rear suspension. The old four-speed manual was upgraded to a Lenco.

Then, things got really interesting.

Eddie stuffed-in a 540 big block Chevy engine, with Dart CNC 355 heads, and a Mooneyham 8-72 supercharger. Unfortunately for Eddie, he couldn’t fit big tube headers in the C10’s stock engine bay so he had to install a full tube chassis.

“Hmmmmm, might as well install a chromoly cage too,” Eddie says with a grin.

After a truckload of chromoly tubing was delivered, Eddie got a welder and tubing bender, and got to work. In fact, all of the truck’s design, engineering, and fabrication was done by Eddie at home, in his own garage—no kits, no blueprints.

Four years later, he took it to the IHRA and received certification for 7.50 ET.

“I built it for track use,” Eddie tells us. “But I haven’t run it yet—I plan to debut it very soon.”

…We just hope he invites his neighbor to see the C10’s inaugural trip down the dragstrip.

Congratulations Eddie, your 1964 Chevrolet C10 is our Top Fan Ride of April!

Eddie’s Chevy C10 Fast Specs

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  • 540 big block Chevy with World Products Merlin III block
  • Dart CNC 355 heads
  • Mooneyham 8-72 Supercharger
  • Enderle Big and Ugly alcohol injection
  • Lenco CS1 4 speed transmission
  • Trick Titanium bell housing
  • RAM 10” billet triple disc clutch
  • Strange Engineering struts
  • Billet rack & pinion steering
  • Top Gun four-link
  • Wilwood disc brakes
  • Dana 60 rear end
  • Strange 35 spline spool and axles
  • Tim McAmis Pro Mod wheelie bars
  • Simpson dual parachutes
  • Tim McAmis carbon fiber wheel tubs
  • All steel body except hood
  • MSD 7AL 3 ignition
  • Weld Racing Magnum 2.0 double beadlock wheels
  • Hoosier tires
  • Kirkey aluminum seat



(Image/Eddie Lair)


(Image/Eddie Lair)


(Image/Eddie Lair)


(Image/Eddie Lair)


(Image/Eddie Lair)

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