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Eddies 1964 Chevy C10
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Top Fan Ride of April: Eddie’s 1964 Chevrolet C10

Eddie always kept one eye on his neighbor’s unfinished 1964 Chevy C10 project, as it had been languishing for years near Eddie’s home. “If you ever decide to sell it,” […]

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Top Fan Ride of February: Vincent’s 1969 Chevy Nova SS

Vincent Ingegneri built this Nova with his two sons, Cody and Anthony, as a tribute to his third son, the eldest, who passed away in an auto accident several years […]

1961 Ford Truck Unibody, Front Hood
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Top Fan Ride of November: Jake’s 1961 Ford Unibody Truck

When Jake got his 1961 Ford Unibody Truck for his 15th birthday, it looked nothing like what you see here. “It was a rusted, hammered, beat-up old work truck,” Jake […]

Frans' V16 Hot Rod
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Top Fan Ride of September: Frans’ V16 Detroit Diesel Hot Rod

Sitting in his shop in the Netherlands, Frans was mulling over a dilemma. He had a 16-cylinder Detroit Diesel engine and nothing to do with it. Then, Frans got an […]