Many engine builders prefer using cylinder head studs, as opposed to bolts, for their performance engine builds.

Cylinder head studs do offer some advantages, including higher clamp loads for more durability in high-horsepower applications. Studs can also safeguard your engine, putting the bulk of the fastener’s stress on the external nut side, which can avoid potential damage to the engine block.

If you’re looking to make the swap, the engine and cylinder head experts at Dart made this quick video that’ll show you some advantages of making the switch to cylinder head studs.

As part of its “Dart University” educational video series, Dart covers the basic purpose and benefits of cylinder head studs, and closes with valuable head stud installation tips.

The Dart folks made sure to address the different studs required for either an iron or aluminum engine block, and they stressed the importance of making sure you’re properly seating each stud to avoid damage to the stud and block.

It’s a must-watch if you’re on the fence about upgrading to cylinder head studs, and it may give you some insight for finishing your cylinder head installation.

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