In the past few years, the automotive aftermarket has really stepped-up to provide engine builders and hot rodders with modern fuel injection conversion kits that are both easy to install and easy on the wallet.

Until now however, most of those EFI conversion kits were designed for folks running 4-barrel carburetors.

But, since we said “until now” up there, you may realize that Holley’s got something up its sleeves.

Its Sniper EFI 2300 Two-Barrel Fuel Injection Systems feature a 2-barrel throttle body that sits atop a familiar 2300-style carburetor flange. The units are equipped with a Ford C4/C6 transmission kickdown lever, and provisions for a GM TH350/400 and 700R4-style transmissions.

That makes these Holley systems a bolt-on replacement for the carburetor found on many 1960s-era Ford and AMC vehicles, including Mustangs, Fairlanes, Falcons, F-100s, Javelins, and Rebels.

The throttle body is also easily adaptable to other applications (like Quadrajets, for example) through an off-the-shelf carburetor adapter.

Holley’s Sniper EFI two-barrel throttle body’s twin 100 lb./hour injectors handle up to 350 horsepower, and the system’s ECU and fuel pressure regulator are built into the throttle body, for an easy, clean installation.

Speaking of installation, the system is self-tuning, and comes with a handheld tuner and intuitive calibration wizard to finish the initial setup. The ECU controls the ignition timing to ensure optimal combustion conditions.

You can get these systems as a Kit, which includes the throttle body, wiring harness, Bosch oxygen center with clamp-on installation kit, and mounting hardware, or as a Master Kit, which adds a fuel pump, Vapor Guard fuel hose, filters, and all the fittings and hardware you’ll need to finish the job.

The throttle bodies come in your choice of a black ceramic, classic gold, or polished finish.

Holley put together this slick video with more details.