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(Image/COMP Cams)

If you’re upgrading the rockers on your GM LS, you’ll probably run into clearance issues under the stock valve covers—particularly if you’re installing a shaft-mount rocker system.

COMP Cams’ has a new set of valve covers for the GM LS that adds the extra space required for taller aftermarket rockers. In fact, COMP says they’ll clear darn-near every aftermarket valvetrain component available for the GM LS, including the popular shaft-mount designs from companies like Jesel.

More importantly, these new valve covers have provisions for valve spring oil squirters that use metering jets (similar to carburetors) to optimize oil flow to each valve spring. In addition to improved lubrication, the squirters keep the valve springs cool which, in turn, maximizes valvetrain service life and reliability.

Endurance racers and engine builders will tell you that about half of LS engine heat actually comes from the valvetrain friction (not the internal combustion process), so keeping your valvetrain well-lubed and cool is a big deal.

We talked to Dean Harvey, Internal Sales Group Director over at COMP Cams, about these valve covers.

“These will be useful to the owner of a street car that wants some cool parts under the hood, the folks with an engine swap in a street rod, and to the racer,” Harvey said. “These valve covers can solve many problems. And by including the use of OE style bolts and gaskets, they’ll provide excellent service and sealing throughout the life of product.”

The valve covers feature a built-in -16 AN oil feed port for the squirters, plus space for a breather (for dry sump oiling systems) and internal baffling for adding an optional 3/8-inch breather/vent line.

These new COMP valve covers have integrated oil squirters help lubricate and cool your valvetain. (Image/COMP Cams)

COMP Cams’s new billet valve covers will fit Chevy LS engines with center-bolt cylinder heads. COMP also makes an ignition coil bracket mounting kit if you want to retain the factory coil mounting position on the valve covers.

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