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This 482 c.i.d. Ford FE-series big block was fitted with Trick Flow’s PowerPort® 175 cylinder heads and helped the motor crank out north of 700 horsepower. (Image/

Trick Flow has cylinder heads and upgrade parts for the Ford Modular, small block Windsor, 351C/351M, big block Ford 429/460, and even the Ford/Mercury Flathead V8.

But we guess the Ford FE-series big block folks were feeling left out, because Trick Flow just unveiled its PowerPort® 175 Cylinder Heads for the Ford 390-428.

These heads are a direct bolt-on for all 1961-76 engines.

They’re made from A356-T61 aluminum, making them as strong as the original castings, but much lighter. The intake runners have been optimized to increase flow velocity and Trick Flow uses a special CNC Street Ported treatment to ensure proper dimensional accuracy and balance between the runners.

Trick Flow made several other performance improvements too, like adding bronze alloy valve guides, ductile iron valve seats, and multi-angle valve seat machining on Serdi® equipment.

Trick Flow® PowerPort® 175 Cylinder Heads for Ford 390-428

You can get these cylinder heads fully assembled (as shown), or as a bare casting if you’d like to do any port work or build your own valvetrain. (Image/Summit Racing)

The fine folks at Car Craft used these heads on a 482 c.i.d. Ford FE-series engine build. With the help of some other upgrades, the PowerPort® 175 Cylinder Heads helped the engine create more than 700 horsepower on the dyno.

You can read the full build over at the Hot Rod Network and watch dyno video on YouTube.


Trick Flow provides an airflow chart for virtually every head they sell. (Image/Trick Flow)

(Summit Racing‘s Tom Lynch and Alan Rebescher contributed to this article.)