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Eibach’s Pro Truck Lift Systems are specifically designed for each individual truck application. (Image/Eibach)

At the 2017 SEMA Show, Eibach’s team introduced its new PRO-TRUCK-LIFT systems. They’re designed to properly lift a truck’s suspension to allow for more ground clearance, adding larger tires, etc., while reducing nose-dive and improving load handling capability.

Eibach took what it learned from designing shock setups for off-road racers and made these PRO-TRUCK-LIFT systems to handle both on- and off-road performance. They’re also designed to compensate for the additional weight of off-road accessories (winch, bumpers, etc.) if your truck is so-equipped—or if you plan to add those in the future.

The systems consist of perfectly matched sets of Eibach Pro-Lift-Kit springs and Pro-Truck Sport shocks designed to work precisely for each vehicle.

Several truck applications are available now, in lifts ranging from one to three inches.

The Eibach folks were nice enough to walk us through the new PRO-TRUCK-LIFT systems at the SEMA show. Check out the video:

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