It’s New Year’s resolution time! Complete this sentence: “This is the year I do ____ to my vehicle.”

That’s the fill-in-the-blank sentence we put out on social media to see what people had in mind for vehicle projects in 2018. (Happy New Year, by the way!)

We liked the answers. Check them out and get inspired.

“This is the year I do a 318, 4spd and 8.75 rear swap to my vehicle.” – Tyler F.


(Image/Dustin A.)

“Finish the fuel system and brakes on my 280z so I can drive my car for the first time… I’ve had it for 9 years. Not to mention re-building the gauge cluster, body work and starting the rebuilt engine all for the 1st time too, lol.” – Dustin A.

supercharged elco

(Image/Mikael W.)

“Supercharge my El Camino.” – Mikael W.

Green GTO

(Image/Eric T.)

“Install the 440!” – Eric T.

rat rod resto pickup before

(Image/Jeff M.)

“A ground-up rat rod resto.” – Jeff M.

“Do a complete front end rebuild on my ’74 Javelin.” – James C.

ford pickup

(Image/JD T.)

“A 5-speed Tremec swap.” – JD T.

c10 pickup

(Image/Marc W.)

“Add a twin-screw supercharger to my C10.” – Marc W.

“Take my Torino to the Arlington Summit Store.” – Hunter L.

chevy camaro

(Image/Joe C.)

“A front disc brake conversion.” – Joe C.

chevy II nova

(Image/ Nik S.)

“A 4-link rear end and fuel injection on my main squeeze for sure.” – Nik S.