Because it’s Christmas and most of us at OnAllCylinders are boys masquerading as adults, Christmas reminds us of excitedly opening new video game systems and games magically waiting for us under the tree.

Sometimes, those games involved driving or racing cars, which was never a bad thing

While some of us still spend more time than we should indulging in Forza Horizon 3 on Xbox and Drive Club and Rocket League on PlayStation because we apparently like video games more than being productive members of society, we still think of coin-operated arcade machines and Nintendo Entertainment System classics like Rad Racer and R.C. Pro-Am when we’re getting nostalgic.

But this isn’t about us. We already shared our favorite racing video games back in 2013, and the list still holds up pretty well.

This is about you.

Our friends at Summit Racing asked the question on a few of their social media channels: What’s your favorite driving/racing video game of all time?

It was fun reading through your responses. Here are some of our favorites:

Motor City Online

motor city online

“The only game that really had you tune your cars with parts that existed in the real world. Like many games of its time, it was too difficult to understand by the casual gamer. That is why you have sliders and generic upgrade kits to tune your cars with instead of actual parts. Forza is pretty good, but nothing has ever replaced MCO. Game was addictive, lot of potential unrealized.” – Ed K.

“Loved that game. except when I would get lag because of my crappy internet connection and would lose a race LOL.” – Seth K.


IHRA Drag Racing 2

IHRA Drag Racing 2

IHRA Drag Racing 2 on the PS2…you could build your own engines and race your buddies. You could choose everything from the number of cylinders, to the gearing, to the ballast weight in the car. Bethesda needs to re-release it for the PS4. We used to challenge each other to silly things like who can build the fastest car with 1,000-hp limit, or who can build the fastest car on one cylinder? There were no limits.” – Davie J.


Daytona USA (Arcade)

daytona usa

“Daytona USA coin-op on medium. I am the champ. I can negotiate the track and leave anyone, I don’t have to use the brakes. :)” – Randy P.


Midnight Club (Series)

midnight club LA

“I really liked Midnight Club LA… I’d spend hours just customizing cars on that one. And of course, hours upon hours racing them.” – Wes S.


TOCA Race Driver 3

toca race driver 3

“My all-time favorite sim driver game hands down: TOCA Race Driver 3!!! This game has it ALL best tracks, cars classes, everything a driver lovers. Setup choices are outstanding , best ever sim game.” – David C.


Need for Speed (Series)


“3DO’s Need for Speed in full 5-channel Dolby surround sound on the big 26″ TV!!” – Russell F.

“Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed! They really need to “reboot” that one.” – Mike H.

“The original Need for Speed: Most Wanted.” – Aaron L.

“Need for Speed Underground 2. When rice was cool LOL.” – Nikita G.

“Need for Speed 2 for PS1, Underground 1 and 2, and Midnight Club.” – Drew F.

“When I was a kid I loved Need for Speed High Stakes. Not sure if the Twisted Metal games count. But I’m pretty sure I had all of them too.” – Rae C. [Editor’s Note: Twisted Metal games totally count.]

“Can’t decide between Need for Speed Underground 2 and Gran Turismo 4.” – Alexandre P.


Gran Turismo (Series)

Gran Turismo 5

“Well, with 45,312 hours in Gran Turismo 5, I’d say Project Cars LOL. JK. But in all seriousness, I played the snot out of GT 5. I drove 13 million miles alone on one racetrack. My ‘71 Challenger has 3 million miles on it.” – Austin M.

“Gran Turismo 3 is definitely my all-time favorite. Though I always liked the NHRA game I had on PSP.” – Jacob C.


NHRA Countdown to the Championship

nhra countdown to the championship video game

“Wishing for an NHRA game on a current-gen console.” – Blake W.


Street Rod

Street Rod video game

“Street Rod is a game that has to be mentioned here.” – Sævar S.


Forza Motorsport & Horizon (Series)

Forza Motorsport 7 screenshot

“Forza 5 for the Xbox one is fun. I don’t really race much. Just love doing paint jobs to different cars.” – RJ D.

“The one I remember playing the most from earlier in life was Cruisin’ USA, but at this point, there’s a lot of Forza. All of the Forzas.” – Kyle D.