Summit Racing Water Pump Vid

(Image/Summit Racing)

When it comes to both small and big block Chevy V8 engines, there are essentially two different types of Chevy water pumps—a long style and a short style. (Pipe down, Corvette fans, we’ll get to you in a second.)

So…how do you know which one you’ve got?

This two-minute video will show you what the differences are, and how to spot them when these water pumps are attached to an engine.

It’s important to know which pump is bolted to your motor, because its possible that you may be running a different version than originally came in your vehicle—perhaps because of an engine swap.

Of course, as our cross-flagged friends will point out, Corvette water pumps are a completely different beast. Though they’re similar in appearance, Corvette pumps share very few characteristics with a short-style pump.

See how to identify your water pump in this handy video from our pals at Summit Racing.

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